Galvoscanner project part 1

My laser cutter is now cutting, thanks to all the improvements I made (head, power bed, power supply, controller, …).

Now I want to add a galvoscanner to my laser cutter head to raster IC for DIE inspection, galvo motor are expensive and because many people build them from almost anything with a coil (speaker, fan, hard-drive, etc.) I decided to also built one by myself !

I used FreeCAD (0.15) to drawn all parts and also check if the assembly will work, here is a partial assembly of my experimental galvo bench:3Dassy

I design two coil holders disposed at 135°, in this configuration I’m supposed to be able to rotate the mirror from 0° to 45°, keep in mind it’s for experimentation so the travel angle is large to see any influence of magnetic field variation.

All parts were exported to DXF files and then assembled with QCAD, thanks to QCAD customizable CAM export for generating GCODE compatible with smoothieboard.

Here is the result of the laser cutting:

3mm thick plexiglas (or supposed to be because it smell a bit like chlore when cutting), with 300mm/mn and 6~7mA and laser focus 1mm underside the top surface. Only one pass was necessary and the result is great !

Here is the assembled experimental bench:
DSC_0973 DSC_0972

Of cour coils are missing, this is for the next step, keep in touch !