K40 Laser + LightObject Z table + Smoothieboard ? Here is the config file !

No, I’m not dead ! Time flies since my last post but I’m back with what many people asked: the smoothieboard’s config file for my laser setup.

Be careful with this config file, minded for metric operation, but this shouldn’t be a problem because it’s the worldwide measurement unit 🙂

Here is the complete file but for the old firmware (edge-19b1b4d, Nov 15 2015)
Config file for Smoothieboard + K40 + LightObject

Here are the most important parameters:

alpha_steps_per_mm                           157.89           # Steps per mm for alpha stepper
beta_steps_per_mm                            157.89           # Steps per mm for beta stepper
gamma_steps_per_mm                           3169             # Steps per mm for gamma stepper

Alpha and Beta are for X and Y, gamma is for LightObject’s Z-table.